HTC touch dual

Saturday, December 29 (8:48 PM)

So I got the HTC touch dual :D

The phone is brilliant! It's smooth, thin and sexy. I originally wanted to get the iPhone but then heard a lot of comparisons ranking this HTC touch dual as superior in terms of functionality, so I went for that instead. The iPhone still looks sexier IMHO though :P I adore my new HTC - it's simple to use yet has SO many functions, and I'm just excited at finally being super organised 24/7 now!

Sexy rexy

I loooove you

In other non-related yet related news, Alannah Hill had a private VIP sale (sounds really exclusive but I think most people that spend a lot at the store get invited anyway!) so I ended up caving in and buying 2 things I've been eyeing for yonks.. this super duper squishy Alannah Hill black wallet, with cute cats/stars embroidered on it! It's so incredibly soft and buttery, very very similar in texture to a Balenciaga bag. Also got a Alannah Hill cashmere cardi which is incredibly soft and thin, so comfy!! It has large/batwing arms so I can just slip into it easily, and it keeps me really warm. Also love the jewelled detailing all down the trim :)

Cutest thing was that we were given Alannah Hill's favourite chocolates shipped from Melbourne. They were almost too pretty to eat! The lovely SA gave me two since she saw me salivating when she gave me the 1st one ;)

Alannah Hill black wallet

Alannah Hill cashmere cardi

Chocolate gift bags!