Balenciaga Town bag in 2010 black

Wednesday, April 14 (11:22 AM)

Soooooooo what did I buy in the Balenciaga boutique, whilst in Hong Kong? :P

Well, I originally wasn't even intending to get a Balenciaga bag, since I already have a few. I actually was after a Chanel bag - specifically a slouchy soft lambskin one. However, the current season stock in all the Chanel boutiques had structured, rigid bags. Urgh. So I figured I'd save my money...

Then, when we walked into the Balenciaga boutique.. I SAW IT. I've been gagging to get the Town size bag ever since it was newly released this year. Slightly bigger than the First, it's still smaller than the City. It's the perfect size for me I reckon. The boutique had 2 different ones that I liked - in "sorbet" (barbie pink) and in "black". I was initially attracted to the sorbet, since I looooove hot pink, but Chris pointed out that the black was a lot more grungy-cool looking and it IS the original classic Balenciaga colour. Plus, I have pink-everything.

I love the basic black of it, and how it'll match everything in my wardrobe. The size is fantastic. The benefit of this Town size over the First is that it slouches better, because there's more leather to go around. And oooooooh boy it slouches fantastically! The lambskin is buttery soft and super smooshy... so luscious. It's going to age beautifully because wear shows up a lot less on the black than on the coloured ones. And it smells AMAZING!!! Friends that know me online know I have a strange antic for sniffing my Balenciaga bags, it's cos they just smell so freakin' good. Now, I'm even resorting to surreptitiously sniffing my hands just to huff that yummy leather smell. So if you see me sniffing my hands, I swear it's not cos I'm going crazy, I'm just sniffing the bag smell that's rubbed off on my hands :P

Anyways. Enough passionate rambling about my materialistic tendencies. PICS!!

Balenciaga 'Town' lambskin bag in black 2010!

A smooshpile of silky leather

I LOVE how it slouches!

The luscious butt... like liquid leather

Squashy side view


Held by the handles - just noticed the bag
matches my sandals. TOO CUTE!

Slung over my arm

Across the body, 'cos the Town size has a long strap

Worn with the long strap on the shoulder

With the handles on the shoulder

It fits really easily over the arm by the way (I know people
complain about the handles not being long enough to - not true!)

Colour comparison with 2005 Magenta and 2010 Papeete

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